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Voorwaarts Hakendover – FC Rillaar Sport 14-01-2018

Date: 14-01-2018 Game: K. Voorwaarts Hakendover – FC Rillaar Sport 0-2 (0-0 HT) Competition: 8th division Flemish Brabant, Belgium Stadium: Keienpoelweg, Hakendover Attendance: 100 Ticket: €5,00 After the game

FC Entente Pepine – USFC Elsenborn 14-01-2018

Date: 14-01-2018 Game: FC Entente Pepine – USFC Elsenborn 2-2 (1-2 HT) Competition: Friendly, Belgium Stadium: Rue Prévochamps, Pepinster Attendance: 20 Ticket: Free entrance As I found out that both Entente

CS Fola Esch – EFC Paris 09-07-2017

Date: 09-07-2017 Game: CS Fola Esch – EFC Paris 4-1 (4-0 HT) Competition: Friendly, Luxembourg Stadium: Stade Émile Mayrisch, Esch-sur-Alzette Attendance: 100 Ticket: Free entrance CS Fola Esch was founded in 1906 by

Jungle Boys Eigenbilzen – Boorsem Sport 09-01-2018

Date: 09-01-2018 Game: Jungle Boys Eigenbilzen – Boorsem Sport 2-4 (1-2 HT) Competition: Friendly, Belgium Stadium: Haenenbos, Eigenbilzen Attendance: 20 Ticket: Free entrance A beautiful club name, a beautiful old school bar

USL Dunkerque – FC Metz 07-01-2018

Date: 07-01-2018 Game: USL Dunkerque – FC Metz 2-4 (0-1 HT) Competition: Coupe de France, France Stadium: Stade Marcel-Tribut, Dunkerque Attendance: 3.000 Ticket: €12,00 On Saturday I saw my first Coupe

AS Nancy – Olympique Lyon 06-01-2018

Date: 06-01-2017 Game: AS Nancy – Olympique Lyon 2-3 (0-1 HT) Competition: Coupe de France, France Stadium: Stade Marcel-Picot Attendance: 14.201 Ticket: €30,00 (Prices between €14,00 and €36,00). With many

Ternesse VV Wommelgem – KSC City Pirates 03-01-2018

Date: 03-01-2017 Game: Ternesse VV Wommelgem – KSC City Pirates 2-7 (0-2 HT) Competition: Friendly, Belgium Stadium: Sportcentrum Scheersel Brieleke Attendance: 70 Ticket: Free entrance Ternesse VV Wommelgem was founded in

Year Review: 2017

Another year has gone by so it was time to list up my best experiences of 2017 including 183 games with 677 goals in 8 different countries, visiting 147 new grounds. Happy New Year to all of you!

VC Bekkevoort – KFC Linda Olen 28-12-2017

Date: 28-12-2017 Game: VC Bekkevoort – KFC Linda Olen 1-1 (0-1 HT) Competition: Friendly, Belgium Stadium: Oude Tiensebaan, Bekkevoort Attendance: 50 Ticket: Free entrance Only a few more days to go

Guest Stories

AFC Tubeke – KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk 10/01/2018

Wedstrijd: AFC Tubeke – KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk Competitie: Proximus League Datum: 10-01-2018 Stadion: Stade Leburton Toeschouwers: / Ticket Prijs: € 10,00 Vandaag bracht mijn 5de wedstrijd van het seizoen mij naar

OJC Rosmalen – Jong FC Den Bosch 06/01/2018 [NL]

Wedstrijd: OJC Rosmalen – Jong FC Den Bosch Competitie: Vriendschappelijke wedstrijd Datum: 06-01-2018 Stadion: Sportpark De Groote Wielen Toeschouwers: +/- 150 Ticket Prijs: Gratis inkom Na mijn bezoek aan de Kozakken

Kozakken Boys – Almere City FC 06/01/2018 [NL]

Wedstrijd: Kozakken Boys – Almere City FC Competitie: Vriendschappelijke wedstrijd Datum: 06-01-2018 Stadion: Sportpark De Zwaaier Toeschouwers: +/- 750 Ticket Prijs: Gratis inkom Mijn eerste buitenlandse wedstrijd van 2018 bracht mij

KVV Thes Sport Tessenderlo – ASV Geel 05/01/2018 [NL]

Wedstrijd: KVV Thes Sport Tessenderlo – ASV Geel Competitie: Vriendschappelijke wedstrijd Datum: 05-01-2018 Stadion: Gemeentelijk Sportpark Tessenderlo Toeschouwers: +/- 400 Ticket Prijs: € 5,00 Wedstrijd nummer 2 van 2018 bracht me

Lost Grounds

Lost Ground: Hesbania Genoelselderen

There are still a few good lost grounds left in Limburg and a while ago I found a smaller one in Genoelselderen, which is a part of Riemst, located between Tongeren and Maastricht.


Interview: Ildefons Lima Solà

By interview Ildefons Lima Sola, I managed to have a short talk with the most important football player in Andorran football history. The captain has