Berchem Sport – KVK Tienen 27-09-2015

Game: Berchem Sport – KVK Tienen
Competition: Belgian 3th division
Date: 27-09-2015
Stadium: Ludo Coeckstadion, Berchem
Attendance: 800
Ticket Price: €10,00
Programme (+ price): €2,00

Took the train from Tienen to Berchem to have an unforgettable afternoon. I knew Berchem had a very nice and old stadium, and as they have plans to build a new, modern stadium, I had the feeling as if it was now or never.

The game was a very intresting one with Tienen scoring after only 2 minutes, 0-1. Both teams had a few chances but weren’t very dangerous. After 15 crazy minutes in the second half, Tienen was leading 0-5 and even missed a penalty.

Great afternoon, a must-see stadium for every football fan!