Interview: Thomas Buffel

We were delighted to receive a positive answer for our new interview! Our guest this week is a very good football player with a lot of experience in Belgium, Scotland and the Netherlands; Thomas Buffel!

Thomas Buffel started playing football at the age of 5 at Daring Ruddervoorde. After only 4 years he went to Cercle Brugge because of his talent. He stayed at Cercle Brugge for 7 years until he was 16. At that moment Feyenoord Rotterdam signed him up and he moved to the Netherlands where he played another 4 years in the youthsystem before they loaned him out to Excelsior Rotterdam for 2 seasons.

His first seasons (2002-2003) in Feyenoord was a succes. He played a very good seasons and even managed to score 18 goals in competition. After that season Ruud Gullit became Feyenoords’ new coach and he prefered Salomon Kalou. Thomas Buffel refused to sign a new contract and Feyenoord sold him to the Glasgow Rangers. He played 3 years in Scotland playing 65 games and scoring 12 goals.

In 2008 Cercle Brugge was intrested in him, so he returned to Belgium and played 35 games and scoring 5 goals.

Since 2009 he’s playing at KRC Genk where he already played over 350 games and he managed to score over 40 times, which makes him one of the keyplayers of the Belgian club.

The Belgian winger also played 35 games for the Belgian national team in which he scored 7 times. Back then Belgium didn’t have the quality they have nowadays, so he never played at a major tournament.

Who is the best player you ever met on the pitch?

There are many but honestly, Zidane was something different, he was from a different class.

Which is your favourite stadium? Which stadium gives you the best memories?

It must be de Kuip, it’s a very special feeling walking out of the tunnel which comes from the ground.

How is the atmosphere in Scotland? Is it in any way comparable to Belgium?

There is no way you can compare the atmosphere in Belgium to Scotland. article-0-052ECD420000044D-227_468x450First of all Belgium doesn’t have any stadium which can hold 50.000 fans. If you add the fact that they’re noisy for 90 minutes, you know you can’t compare it.


You played more than 30 games for our national team in which you scored 7 times, how did it feel? Which is your best memory?

It’s always a pride to play for you country and I scored a few beautiful goals but it’s a pity our team was not as strong as this generation else I would have got the possibility to experience even more beautiful moments.