FC Veldwezelt – Winevenstraat

FC Veldwezelt was found in 1942 named Excelsior Veldwezelt and played mostly in the lower leagues (5th division and lower). In 1999 they promoted by winning the play-offs for the first time in their history to the national league, the 4th division.

After only 3 seasons they promoted to the 3th division but relegated after only 1 season back to the 4th division (2004/05). 2 seasons later (2006/07) they were promoted again by winning the play-offs and this time they stayed for 3 seasons in the 3th division.

After 2 good seasons (2nd place, lost play offs and 6th place) the club starts having financial troubles. After they are named in a scandal about black money they club forfaits for the remaining games in the 2012/13 season.

In 2014/15 the club restarted with a new name, FC Veldwezelt. Anyway, for an 9th division club (2016-2017), they have a beautiful stadium (or at least a nice stand!).

Photos 18-02-2016.