KMR Biesen

KMR Biesen is a new club near Bilzen after KCS Rijkhoven and VV Martenslinde merged in 2004.

Before the merger, VV Martenslinde (Martenslinde Voetbalvereeniging) was found in 1943 and played only 2 seasons in the 2nd and 3th provincial league before they resigned in 1947. In 1964 a new club was found in Martenslinde, Martenslinde VV (Martenslinde Vlug en Vrij).

The club never managed to reach the national leagues and played most of their existence in the 3th and 4th (lowest) level of the provincial leagues except for 2 seasons in the 2nd level (1980/81 and 1981/82).

KCS Rijkhoven was found in 1946 and also never reached the national leagues. In their 57 years of existence, the club played in the 2nd, 3th and 4th division of the provincial leagues. 

In 2004 both clubs merged and the new club was named KMR Biesen (Koninklijke Martenslinde Rijkhoven Biesen). Until now they played in the 3th and 4th provincial league after a relegation in 2011 and a promotion to the 3th level in 2013.

Photos 18-02-2016.