Riemst Vooruit – René Beusenstadion

After I visited 'FC Veldwezelt' I went on to visit 'Riemst Vooruit'. It was very easy to get in as it's just an open stadium. 

The Standings (07-03-2016)

The Standings (07-03-2016)

The club which is found in 1954, plays in the Belgian 8th division in a very small stadium. As I didn't met anyone at the ground and as I couldn't find any information about the club (except their stadium name; René Beusenstadion), I had to find René Beusens!

And as soon as I found him and his number I took my phone gave him a call to ask for some informations. He told me he is their chairman and that he is in his 80's, so he might not remember everything correctly.

The club is found in 1954 and still plays at the same location. In the past they only had 1 player who became very known in Belgium, Daniel Nassen. This is actually a very funny fact as he has been coaching my favourite team, KVK Tienen, for years.

The club never played higher than the 5th division of Belgian football in which they relegated each time after their first season. When money became more important in football, they club relegated to the 7th and 8th division, in which they still play today.

In the past they still had very hard but beautiful derbies against Vlijtingen VV (5th division) but nowadays almost every game is a derby, which makes them in the end just normal games.

Photos 18-02-2016.