VC Kesselt

VC Kesselt is a Belgian club situated between Riemst and Lanaken, very close to the border with the Netherlands.

The club was founded in 1929 as Kesselt VV (Kesselt Voetbalvereeniging) but stopped in 1933 after having played only 1 season and only managing to win 1 game in 14 games and having 2 points at the end of the season. (2 points for a win system)

In 1935 another club was started, named Kesselt V (Victoria Voetbalvereniging Kesselt) but they also only existed until 1939. In those 4 seasons they promoted, relegated, became champions and relegated again. All of this was from the 3th provincial tier to the 2nd provincial tier and back.

Two years later, in 1941, another club was found in Kesselt as Kesselt St. (Stormvogels Voetbalvereniging Kesselt). But unfortunately in 1949 this club also stopped existing after only 7 seasons including 1 relegation.

Later on, in 1957, VC Kesselt (Voetbalclub Kesselt) was found as it still exists today! Since their foundation, the club never played in the national leagues but they are a very stable 7th - 8th division team (2nd - 3th provincial league). Nowadays they start their 10th season in a row in the 3th provincial league after a relegation from the 2nd provincial league in 2007.

Photos 18-02-2016.