Club Roeselare – Rodenbachstadion

Before going to KV Oostende - Club Brugge (At Schiervelde) we stopped at Club Roeselare to visit the Rodenbachstadion. 

In 1998 KSK Roeselare promovated to the 2nd division and some of the sponsor of KFC Roeselare pushed the club to merge with KSK Roeselare. A "new" club was born in the 2nd division of Belgian football: KSV Roeselare, playing their games at Schiervelde.

Some of the KFC Roeselare fans were unhappy with this and they started a new club in the 8th division of Belgian football (01-07-2000). 

The club managed to reach the 5th division and plays in the 6th division nowadays.

The Rodenbachstadion really looks very old and has a beautiful main stand!

Photos 02-04-2016.