Lost Ground: Stade Turco – JS Molise Herstal

I went to the city of Herstal where the famous, old stadium no longer is.

So I found out on the internet that in 2009 AS Herstallienne merged with JS Molise Herstal (until 2002: JS Molise Liege) and that it could be a possible lost ground.

When arriving there I was lucky as 1 of the gates was open so I could get in to make some pictures of this lost ground, which is completely lost, except the small stand, which still looks brand new.

I can't find much information about JS Molise Herstal except that they merged in 2009 with AS Herstalienne and it became FC Herstal. They nowadays play in red (AS Herstalienne) and black (JS Molise).

The ground is owned by a family living in or next to the old club canteen as the owner came to me to tell me if I knew I was standing in his garden and the ground was private area..

On this website you can find pictures of how ground looked when JS Molise Herstal still existed.