Season Review: 2015-2016

1. 16/01/2016 Estoril – SL Benfica 1-2

IMG_0315 - kopie

One of the 2 games I visited in Portugal this year. Great atmosphere and a beautiful game standing with the Estoril die-hards! The locals in Portugal are extremely kind, food is lovely and nothing is expensive at all. All aboard to Lisbon!

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2. 31/10/2015 Bilzerse Waltwilder – Spouwen Mopertingen 3-6

IMG_20151031_160857 - kopie

A derby in the 4th division of Belgian football! This really was an amazing game with an unseen first half scoreline: 3-5! The game ended at 3-6 but it was one of the best derbies I saw including the worst defending ever. The ground is nothing special at all.

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3. 13/06/2016 Belgium - Italy 0-2

IMG_20160613_205246 - kopieMy first and only visit for now at a European Championship. Belgium lost the game but the atmosphere and the ground were very good.

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4. 17/04/2016 RRC Hamoir – KVK Tienen 2-4

IMG_20160417_145513 - kopieAfter having a very hard season, KVK Tienen managed save themselves from relegation after winning 2-4 in what will be the last game (ever, for now) on Walloon ground because of the reformations next season. The home fans support was the best and funniest I saw all season!

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5. 20/01/2016 Lazio Roma – Juventus 0-1

IMG_0620 - kopieMy second ground visit in Italy! After Turin 2 years ago I was off to Rome to visit the Estadio Olimpico! The game was nothing special at all as the home fans are protesting and not many of them showed up so their was no atmosphere at all.. But the stadium is very impressive!

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During the 2015-2016 season I visited 71 games in 5 different countries visiting 29 new stadiums (I only count those with games). Click here to see the full list!