Lillestrøm SK – Rosenborg BK 06-08-2016

Game: Lillestrøm SK - Rosenborg BK 3-4 (0-4 HT)
Competition: Tippeligaen, Norway
Date: 06-08-2016
Stadium: Åråsen Stadion, Lillestrøm
Attendance: 8.371
Ticket Price: 30 NOK (+- €32)

As I was on holiday in Norway I had the chance to visit my first Norwegian football game. I was staying with Norwegian friends and they surprised me having tickets for this game as we originally went to Mjøndalen - Ullensaker/Kisa!

Arriving at the game, the Rosenborg fans took almost 1 entire stand behind the goal and they were the ones creating a nice atmosphere. (There were also plenty of them on the main stand.)

The game started quite well with Rosenborg having like 2 big chances but both were missed terribly. After an even worse miss in the Lillestrøm defense and an even worse save by their goalkeeper, Rosenborg was 0-1 up after 18 minutes only to make it 0-2 after 25 minutes.

All of a sudden Lillestrøm got a huge chance but they failed to score and on the other side Rosenborg made it 0-3 and even 0-4 only 5 minutes before half-time.

Something strange happened in the changing rooms and the 2nd half was completely different with the home team instantly scoring, 1-4. Just a few minutes later they made it 2-4 but after the 4th official saw a replay on the screen in the stadium, the goal didn't stand... But that was just for 2 minutes as Lillestrøm made a superbe goal, 2-4 after 65 minutes.

In the meantime Rosenborg also missed like 2 real sitters but it looked like they were still tired from their Champions League trip to Cyprus, which they lost 3-0. Luckily for them Lillestrøm only managed to score 1 more in the 89th minute so at least they won this game after the home team also was reduced to 10 players.

The Åråsen Stadion is a very nice stadium on the inside but it's really not looking like stadium on the outside as they have shops and appartments covering the actual stadium. They also have their ultra's creating a nice atmosphere and also the Rosenborg fans were just fantastic!

So, an unforgettable game first game in Norway in a very decent stadium!