Interview: Christian Gytkjær

This time Christian Gytkjær was very kind to answer my questions. The Danish striker is currently active for Rosenborg BK where he signed at the start of this season.

The 26-year-old striker started his career at FC Roskilde before he moved to Lyngby BK in 2005. At Lyngby, Gytkjær got hist first contract and he managed to score 10 goals in 2 season at the age of 18-19 years old (2nd division). In 2010 he signed a contract at FC Nordsjælland for 3 seasons. For FC Nordsjælland he only scored 4 goals in 3 season because of injuries and loan spells. But during his first season FC Nordsjælland won the title and the cup. When he was loaned out to Akademisk BK he scored 6 in 12 games and at Sandnes Ulf he even scored 8 goals in 12 games.

In 2013 the striker signed a 3-year deal at Haugesund FK, where he became a very important part of the team, scoring 36 goals in 3 seasons. With 15 goals in the 2014 season, he even set a new club record.

His goals didn't go unnoticed and he got offered a contract at Rosenborg BK at the start of 2016. At this very moment he already scored 16 goals in 20 games, making him the league topscorer.

Before you went to Norway you played a few season in Denmark. Is there a big difference in level between both countries?
I dont think that the difference is so big. Of course Copenhagen maybe is a level above everyone right now. Denmark is maybe a bit more technical whereas here in Norway the tempo in the games is a bit higher than in Denmark - very English inspired. Everyone here in Norway loves the premier league.

As you already played over 100 games on the highest level of Danish and Norwegian football, can you tell me which is your favourite or most impressive stadium?
In Denmark, Brøndby stadium (Brøndby) and Telia Parken (Copenhagen) stands out. The atmosphere there is also the best in Denmark, especially on derby days. Here in Norway our stadium Lerkendal has the best atmosphere. Of course Haugesund Stadium, the arena of my former club is special to me also because I played there for 3 years.

Is there a big difference in the atmosphere at football stadiums between Denmark and Norway? Or maybe in the European games you played?
It is difficult for me to say. But of course we can't really compete with the big leagues in Europe on that. The atmosphere in Apoel was maybe the most intense I have experienced ever.

Who is the best or most famous opponent you played against?
I don't know. Haven't thought about that yet.

Over the last 3 (41 goals in 76 games) or maybe even 4 (52 goals in 101 games) seasons you are 1 of the best Danish strikers. So I think you should be given the chance to play for Denmark. Do you think you will receive an international call up?
First of all thank you! I don't know, it is difficult to say. But I hope to represent my country one day of course. I'm just focused on performing here in Rosenborg, and then we'll se in the future.



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