Olympia Wijgmaal – KVK Tienen 12-02-2017

Game: Olympia Wijgmaal - KVK Tienen 0-1 (0-1 HT)
Competition: 4th division, Belgium
Stadium: Sportcomplex Ymeria, Wijgmaal
Attendance: 500
Ticket Price: €10

Do or die for KVK Tienen today, at Sportcomplex Ymeria in Wijgmaal and about 500 fans showed up for today's derby. 

The game couldn't start any better as KVK Tienen got in front after only 10 minutes, 0-1! Afterwards Wijgmaal got a few got chances but the goalkeeper made a good save and they also missed a very big chance. At the break Tienen even hit the post after a good cross almost ended up in goal.

During the 2nd half both teams got a few good chances with KVK Tienen forgetting to seal the game and the hometeam being very unlucky by hitting the post and the crossbar and missing a real sitter..

Great game all in all, which could have gone both ways, but this time we finally were the lucky side at the very cosy Sportcomplex Ymeria, having a beautiful, little wooden stand.