Lost Ground: Sporting Outgaarden – April 2017

As I live in Hoegaarden, I almost couldn’t find a more nearby lost ground than Sporting Outgaarden. I even played several times on this ground, after the club merged with KSC Hoegaarden to become SC Hoegaarden-Outgaarden.

Sporting Outgaarden was only founded in 1981 but only started to play for the Belgian FA in 1991. Their 2nd season was already a success as they managed to gain promotion to the 3th provincial level, in which they relegated back to the 4th in 1999.

In 2004 they went back to the 3th provincial level and in 2009 the club promoted to the 2nd provincial level. The 2009-2010 season would be the last one in the history of Sporting Outgaarden. The club ended in 16th and last position and relegated back to the 3th provincial level. At the end of the season the club struggled to extend contracts or sign new players and decided not to start in the 2010-2011 season.

Instead of starting in the new season, the club merged with KSC Hoegaarden and became SC Hoegaarden-Outgaarden. KSC Hoegaarden gained promotion after being champions in the 3th provincial league. The club was in need of an extra pitch for their youth teams so the 2 pitches in Outgaarden were very welcome.

Nowadays SC Hoegaarden-Outgaarden has a brand new 3G pitch which can be used by the first teams and all youth teams, which meant that the ground in Outgaarden was no longer needed.