Racing Peer – KFC Hamont 99 05-08-2017

Date: 05-08-2017
Game: Racing Peer - KFC Hamont 1-3 (1-2 HT)
Competition: Beker van Limburg, Belgium
Stadium: Dommelstadion, Peer
Attendance: 120
Ticket Price: €5,00

After visiting Achel VV and SV Peer, Racing Peer was the 3th game of the day. Racing Peer is a rather "new" club as they were founded in 1998 after SC Wauberg and FC Linde-Peer merged. SC Wauberg started in 1972 and played the biggest part of their history at the 4th provincial level. They managed to play 1 season at the 2nd provincial league in which they only won 1 game (88/89). Their neighbours from FC Linde-Peer was founded in 1966 and played mostly at the 3th provincial level. The club often relegated to the 4th tier but they also played 5 seasons at the 2nd provincial level.

After both clubs merged, Racing Peer started at the 3th provincial level. After 1 season they already gained promotion to the 2nd provincial league in which they only played for 2 seasons as they won the league. The club managed to stay 2 seasons at the highest provincial league after they relegated again. Racing Peer would play 13 seasons in the 2nd provincial league before getting back to the highest provincial level (2015/16), in which they now start their second season (2017/18).

The visitors in today's game, KFC Hamont 99, are currently active in the 2nd provincial league. The difference between both sides wasn't very visible in this game, on the contrary, the visitors were even better and took the lead after 20 minutes. On the half hour mark they even managed to double their lead. After the break Racing Peer was much better but only pulled one back with 20 more minutes to go. Everybody probably expected the home team to equalise but the visitors finished a beautiful counter; 1-3.