SVV Schiedam – RVV VOB 23-09-2017

Date: 23-09-2017
Game: SVV Schiedam - RVV VOB 1-6 (1-3 HT)
Competition: 4de Klasse, Netherlands
Stadium: Sportpark Harga, Schiedam
Attendance: 50
Ticket: Free

SVV Schiedam was founded in 1904 as "Excelsor". Afterwards the club was named "Voorwaarts" and when they entered national football, it was changed for the last time to SVV. The club gained promotion to the 1st division (highest national division) in 1948 and won the title in the first season. On June 4 1949, 69.300 fans saw SVV beat SC Heerenveen 3-1, which meant they were the national champions. The record attendance at De Kuip has never been broken after. Later on they also managed to win the Dutch Supercup against Quick Nijmegen (2-0).

In 1988 the club was almost bankrupt but they were financially saved by a local car salesman. After a promotion to the 'Eredivisie', the club couldn't renovate their ground and merged with Dordrecht '90. SVV also continued as an amateur club after the merger, with the amateurs merging with SMC to become SVVSMC. In 2012 they changed the named back to SVV Schiedam.

Nowadays the club lost their ground due to a building project, which forces them to move to a brand new ground close to their beautiful and old one. They will make a special farewell party, called HargaBal, named after Sportpark Harga. Glad I could visit it, as it will only last a few more weeks.