Interview: Ildefons Lima Solà

By interview Ildefons Lima Sola, I managed to have a short talk with the most important football player in Andorran football history. The captain has already 109 caps, which means he is the national record cap holder. His 11 goals also make him the top goalscorer for the national team.

The Barcelona-born defender already played in the national competitions of Andorra, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Italy and Switzerland, playing over 400 games and scoring almost 50 goals. 

You are the current record holder in number of caps and goals for the Andorran national team but which is for you the most memorable moment?
The most important moment was our win against Hungary a few months ago. The evening was very emotional. We had already won 1 World Cup qualifier against Macedonia (2004) but this one was much more special. The Hungarian national team is a very strong side, being qualified for the latest European Championship, which made it much more beautiful for us.

You played in a Mexico, Greece, Spain, Andorra, Italy and Switzerland. Which was your favourite place?
My favourite place was Trieste in Italy, the people were incredible and the city was amazing. But I have also good memories in all other cities. Sometimes I only played a few months, which made it very difficult for me.

How was football in Mexico? Are the fans more passionate compared to other countries?
They Mexican fans are crazy with football but it's very similar if I compare it to games in countries like Italy or Greece.

You had the chance to play in many beautiful national stadiums too, which is for you the most beautiful or best stadium?
My favourite ones are Saint Denis in Paris and Wembley. 

During all these beautiful games you met even more beautiful players. Which was for you the hardest opponent?
The Brazilian Ronaldo was the most incredible player. I played against him during a friendly in 1998 in Paris.

You are also known as a very big shirt collector. Which is your best one?
That must be Bruno Conti's shirt. I never played against him but it's a shirt from Italy - Yugoslavia. As it's a non-exisiting county too, it makes the shirt even more special to me. But I have many other beautiful shirts from players like Shevchenko, Torres, Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale.

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