Spouwen-Mopertingen – KVK Tienen 14-10-2017

Date: 14-10-2017
Game: Spouwen-Mopertingen - KVK Tienen 3-0 (0-0 HT)
Competition: 4th division, Belgium
Stadium: Norbert Beuls Stadion, Mopertingen
Attendance: 250
Ticket: €10,00

After KVK Tienen managed to beat Thes Sport in a battle for the 1st place, this week they had to play another game for the 1st place, against Spouwen-Mopertingen. The club only exists since 2002 and is a merger of Rapid Spouwen and G.S. Mopertingen. After the merger, the club played only 1 season at the 1st provincial level after they gained instant promotion with a 3th spot. Since 2003 the club is active at the 4th tier of Belgian football, in which they mostly end in the top-8, making them a very stable club in a brand new accomodation.

In today's game against KVK Tienen, the visitors managed to keep it goalless until the break. After the break Spouwen-Mopertingen increased the pressure even a bit more with Olivier Geurts and Etien Aka being all over the pitch. On the hour mark the home team converted a penalty and only 1 minute later they even doubled the score; 2-0. With only 15 minutes to go it even got worse for the literally chanceless visitors as Spouwen-Mopertingen made their 3th goal of the evening; 3-0.