Ternesse VV Wommelgem – KSC City Pirates 03-01-2018

Date: 03-01-2017
Game: Ternesse VV Wommelgem - KSC City Pirates 2-7 (0-2 HT)
Competition: Friendly, Belgium
Stadium: Sportcentrum Scheersel Brieleke
Attendance: 70
Ticket: Free entrance

Ternesse VV Wommelgem was founded in 1922 and has played almost their entire past in the provincial leagues. After 10 years in the 2nd provincial league, the club managed to gain promotion to the 1st provincial league for the first time in their history in 2002, where they played 4 seasons. After a few more relegations and promotions, Ternesse VV Wommelgem even got promoted to the 4th division of Belgian football in 2012. They only managed to survive 1 season but after 4 good seasons at the 1st provincial league, the club returned to the national leagues last season (2017).

In today's game the visitors from City Pirates were much stronger. In the 1st half the game was still a bit balanced but the visitors managed to make it 0-2 before the break. A 3th goal followed quickly after the break and afterwards the home team almost returned, making it 2-3. With only 20 more minutes to go it seemed as if the gates were opened for the visitors, scoring goal after goal, making the result much bigger than the actual difference between both sides; 2-7.