FC Entente Pepine – USFC Elsenborn 14-01-2018

Date: 14-01-2018
Game: FC Entente Pepine - USFC Elsenborn 2-2 (1-2 HT)
Competition: Friendly, Belgium
Stadium: Rue Prévochamps, Pepinster
Attendance: 20
Ticket: Free entrance

As I found out that both Entente Pepine and USFC Elsenborn were playing a friendly with their first teams at 11.30, I was off to Pepinster. The club was founded in 1945 and has always played in the provincial leagues. Nowadays the club is active at the 3th provincial tier (8th level).

Today the club hosted USFC Elsenborn, who are active at the the same level but in a different league. Both sides opened the game with a few good chances but the visitors got in front first; 1-0. After a few missed possibilities, the home team converted a penalty after a handball by a visiting defender; 1-1. Elsenborn was not as good as Entente Pepine but after another good counter they still managed to get in front again before the break; 1-2. The game got a bit slower after the break and both sides missed chance after chance. With only a few more minutes to go the home team equalised, making it 2-2.

The ground itself has a good clubhouse and is beautifully located. I also have never seen this kind of beautiful entrance. It's a pity that this location has a plastic pitch where you can't even walk at all 4 sides.