Voorwaarts Hakendover – FC Rillaar Sport 14-01-2018

Date: 14-01-2018
Game: K. Voorwaarts Hakendover - FC Rillaar Sport 0-2 (0-0 HT)
Competition: 8th division Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Stadium: Keienpoelweg, Hakendover
Attendance: 100
Ticket: €5,00

After the game in Pepinster between Entente Pepine and Elsenborn I went to Tienen where Voorwaarts Hakendover was possibily about to play their last game of the season, maybe even forever. The club has been visited by the tax authorities and as there were a few abnormalities they now have to pay a way too big fine, making the club go bankrupt. Voorwaarts Hakendover, playing in blue and yellow was founded in 1938 and stopped in 1945. Later on in 1957 a few locals restarted Voorwaarts Hakendover. The club has always played in the provincial leagues with their highlight being 1 season in the 1st provincial league (1985/86). Hakendover played most of their history in the 3th provincial league (34 seasons), followed by 18 seasons at the lowest level (4th provincial league). The club also played 8 season at the 2nd provincial league but they were mostly followed by an instant relegation.

The club is doing well this season in 4th position and today Hakendover hosted FC Rillaar Sport, the league leaders. Both teams got a few very good chances during the first half but both goalkeepers kept their goals clean. After the break Hakendover got 3 very good chances but they were all missed, not to say they were almost real sitters. Making it even worse for the home team, was the beautiful goal from distance scored by the visitors, making it 0-1. Only a few minutes later Rillaar made it 0-2, while Hakendover ended the game with 10 players. Except from the opening 5 minutes, the visitors dominated the entire 2nd half, taking the 3 points back to Rillaar.

Voorwaarts Hakendover could have given themselves the beautiful chance to go down in style with a good win but missed too many good chances. It's a real shame in my opinion that a club has to go bust because of a big fine while other clubs are in debt and still do whatever they want. Let's hope they will receive some positive news on Tuesday.