Lost Ground: Hesbania Genoelselderen

There are still a few good lost grounds left in Limburg and a while ago I found a smaller one in Genoelselderen, which is a part of Riemst, located between Tongeren and Maastricht. In 1928, a few locals founded FC Hesbania Genoelselderen. The club started for the time in 1929 at the 3th provincial level, ending in 7th position. Two seasons later, they already managed to gain promotion. During their entire history, the club actually played mostly at the 2nd and 3th provincial level.

In 1983 Hesbania Genoelselderen got promoted to the 1st provincial league, which wasn't a surprise as they ended mostly in a top-5 position in the 2nd provincial league. Hesbania played for 7 seasons at the 1st provincial level where they also nearly missed out on a promotion play-off position, ending in 3th position in 1988. From 1990 on, it went extremely downhill with the club with 3 relegations in only 6 seasons, back to the lowest, 4th provincial league.

Hesbania Genoelselderen ended in last position in their last season (2008/09), 6 points behind Kanne VV with only 2 matches won, 3 draws, 16 goals scored and 101 goals conceded. Nowadays the ground is in use by a local dog agilty club.