FC Maasland NO – FC Racing Boxberg 08-02-2018

Date: 08-02-2018
Game: FC Maasland NO - FC Racing Boxberg 4-3 (3-1 HT)
Competition: 8th division A Limburg, Belgium
Stadium: Hoverstadion, Kinrooi
Attendance: 80
Ticket: € 6,00

FC Maasland NO hosted FC Racing Boxberg in an earlier scheduled game at the Limburg 3th provincial tier. The home team, FC Maasland Noord Oost was founded back in 2014 after KFC Kinrooi, Exc.Ophoven-Geistingen en Bl. VV Kessenich merged. All these clubs have played in the provincial leagues during their entire history with Ophoven doing the best of all, reaching the 1st provincial leagues for 10 consecutive seasons in the 70's. Nowadays FC Maasland NO is active at the 3th provincial level, the 8th tier in Belgian football.

While the home team is currently playing for the title, the visitors fight for relegation. FC Maasland NO also started the best, opening the score after only a few minutes. The visitors equalised a few moments later but before the break the home team was leading again, after scoring 2 more goals, including an "Olympic Goal". After the break the game changed completely, with the visitors levelling again; 3-3. But with only 20 minutes to go Dries Boonen scored the winning goal after a beautiful slalom, passing almost every defender, including the keeper; 4-3.