Verbroedering Arendonk – Vlimmeren Sport 11-03-2018

Date: 11-03-2018
Game: KFC Verbroedering Arendonk - Kon. Vlimmeren Sport 3-5 (2-4 HT)
Competition: 7th division Antwerp A, Belgium
Stadium: Kerkstraat, Arendonk
Attendance: 250
Ticket: € 6,00

KFC Verbroedering Arendonk was founded in 1924 and played most of their history in the provincial leagues. The club managed to reach the national levels in 1948 (3th tier) but relegated back to the provincial levels in 1955. The club played mostly in the 2nd provincial divisions, followed by a few spells at the highest provincial level (1st prov). Nowadays the club is active at the 2nd provincial level after they gained promotion last season. Next season the club will merge with KFC Vrij Arendonk and become KFC Arendonk Sport, which was actually the very first name of KFC Verbroedering Arendonk (until 1948). The club will use matricule 957 of Verbroedering Arendonk but they will leave their ground at the Kerkstraat, which means there are only 2 games left to visit their beautiful stadium. In today's game against Vlimmeren Sport I actually saw a lot of (good) goals. With only 15 minutes on the clock, the visitors had already scored 3 goals and conceded 1; 1-3. Before the break both sides managed to add another goal to the scoreboard, making it 2-4 at the break. Straight after the restart Vlimmeren made it 2-5 and the game became much slopier. Two minutes from time the home team reduced the deficit again by scoring a 3th goal but there wasn't enough time left for some more goals; 3-5 final score.