FC Differdange 03 – FC Rodange 91 11-04-2018

Date: 11-04-2018
Game: FC Differdange 03 - FC Rodange 91 5-1 (3-1 HT)
Competition: National Division, Luxemburg
Stadium: Stade Municipal de la Ville de Differdange, Differdange
Attendance: 457
Ticket: € 10,00

I had already visited the city of Differdange and 2 of the other grounds (Stade Josy Barthel and Stade du Thillenberg) but now it was time to visit their 3th ground, in which FC Differdange plays their games; Stade Municipal de la Ville de Differdange, which was built in 2012 with a capacity of 3.800 fans. During Europacup games the capacity is reduced to 1.940. FC Differdange is actually a rather new club as they were founded after a merger between Red Boys Differdange and AS Differdange in 2003. The club has been playing at the highest level since the merger with 10 top-4 places from 11 seasons. Since 2010 the club has already won 3 Luxemburg cup finals which lead to Europa League games and opponents as Paris Saint-Germain, KAA Gent and FC Utrecht. 

FC Differdange hosted FC Rodange in the national competition in which Rodange absolutely need the points. Despite the need, the visitors were already 1-0 down after the 1st minute of the game. With another goal after 20 minutes and a 3th after 35 minutes the game was already played before the break, despite the Rodange goal just before the break; 3-1. Substitute Dwayn Holter score 2 more goals after the break, which lead to a 5-1 win for the home team.