KFC De Zwaluw Wiemismeer – HO Molenbeersel 18-04-2018

Date: 18-04-2018
Game: KFC De Zwaluw Wiemismeer - KVV HO Molenbeersel 2-4
Competition: 9th division Limburg C, Belgium
Stadium: Postestadion, Wiemismeer
Attendance: 150
Ticket: € 5,00

KFC De Zwaluw Wiemismeer was founded back in 1947 in the Limburg 3rd provincial tier. Later on a 4th tier was invented and the club relegated to it after 26 seasons. KFC De Zwaluw Wiemismeer reached their height in the 90's as they managed to promote from the 4th to the 2nd tier in just a few seasons, a miracle for such a small club. From 1993 until 1995 they managed to survive but in 1996 they relegated, quickly followed by another relegation, back to the 4th tier. Nowadays the club is active for the 7th consecutive season at the lowest division of Belgian football in which they are currently fighting for a promotion play-off spot.

The home team started furiously in today's game with a goal after just a few seconds; 1-0. The visitors from Molenbeersel reacted very quickly too, with an equaliser after 6 minutes; 1-1. Both sides got a few more chances before the break but it still stood 1-1 at the break. Straight after the break Wiemismeer scored again (2-1), followed by another equaliser on the hour, 2-2. When everybody was preparing for another Wiemismeer goal, Molenbeersel all of a sudden made it 2-3, with a 4th goal just 3 minutes later; 2-4.