Olympia Wijgmaal – KVK Tienen 22-04-2018

Date: 22-04-2018
Game: Olympia Wijgmaal - KVK Tienen 3-0 (0-0 HT)
Competition: 4th division, Belgium
Stadium: Sportcomplex Ymeria, Wijgmaal
Attendance: 400
Ticket: /

After a game between the reserves of Roosbeek-Neervelp and Sporting Molenbeek I was off to Wijgmaal, who were hosting KVK Tienen for a good derby. Olympia Wijgmaal saw the light in 1926 and played in the provincial leagues until 1966. From 1966 until 1990 the club was active in the national leagues, followed by another period in the provincial leagues, until 2006. In 2006 another promotion to the national leagues was gained, in which they're currently still active.

Today KVK Tienen absolutely needed the win but it was going to be hard, especially when you lose one of your best players, Axel Swerten, after just 2 minutes with a broken elbow.. Both sides created a few chances but Tienen had the better once in the 1st half but none of these were converted. Tienen also hit the post and a clear penalty wasn't given, the same old song, all season long. The hosts started much better in the 2nd half and managed to make it 1-0 just after the hour, followed by a 2nd goal 2 minutes later; 2-0. KVK Tienen was KO in just 3 minutes and couldn't create much more. But when they took a bit more risk, the game was sealed by Wijgmaal's 3rd goal of the afternoon; 3-0.

Next week KVK Tienen will host KSK Hasselt while Zwarte Leeuw will meet the City Pirates.. A win for Tienen is absolutely needed while Zwarte Leeuw has to lose.. Anyway, any of them will have to play a relegation play-off game against Torhout or Pepingen-Halle. Let's hope for a miracle, just like last season.