R. Cornesse FC B – RJS Olnoise B 24-04-2018

Date: 24-04-2018
Game: R. Cornesse FC B - RJS Olnoise B 6-2 (1-1 HT)
Competition: 9th division D Liege, Belgium
Stadium: Rue Bouhais, Cornesse
Attendance: 40
Ticket: /

RFC Cornesse was founded in 1950 and has played their entire history in the provincial leagues. Their 1st team is currently active at the 2nd provincial tier while the 2nd team is playing at the lowest, 4th provincial division. Today the club was hosting RJS Olnoise.

The visitors started much better and dominated the entire 1st half, resulting in a 0-1.at the half hour mark. Just before the break Cornesse scored out of their 1st real chance in this game; 1-1. After the break the game changed completely (it might be because of the pitch..), with the home team scoring goal after goal, which resulted in a 6-2 final score.