KFC Katelijne – KFC Beekhoek Sport 10-05-2018

Date: 10-05-2018
Game: KFC Katelijne - KFC Beekhoek Sport 2-3 (1-1 HT)
Competition: 7th division Relegation Play-Off, Belgium
Stadium: Vossevelden, Sint-Katelijne-Waver
Attendance: 350
Ticket: /

After visiting Leest United's promotion play-off, I went to KFC Katelijne who were hosting KFC Beekhoek Sport in a 2nd provincial relegation play-off. KFC Katelijne is founded back in 1945 and reached the highest provincial level for the first time in 1998. The club gained promotion to the national levels in 2010 after winning the play-offs. This season the club has been fighting relegation at the Antwerp 2nd provincial level.

The 1st leg between both sides was won by today's visitors from KFC Beekhoek Sport (1-0). The return was only a few minutes played when a visiting player hit the boarding, followed by a 25-minute treatment. After the restart Beekhoek made it 0-1 within minutes followed by an equalised a few minutes later; 1-1. After the break it became 1-2 but the suspense returned after another equaliser with 20 more minutes to go; 2-2. The KFC Katelijne needed 2 more goals and got a few good chances while Beekhoek missed an unbelievable counter on the other side. In the last seconds of the game the visitors managed to make it 2-3 which made KFC Katelijne relegate to the 3rd provincial tier.