KFC Putte – KFC Borsbeek Sport 10-05-2018

Date: 10-05-2018
Game: KFC Putte - KFC Borsbeek Sport 2-1 (1-0 HT)
Competition: 8th division Promotion Play-Off, Belgium
Stadium: Sportcentrum Ixenheuvel, Putte

After I saw KFC Katelijne getting relegated I was off to KFC Putte against KFC Borsbeek Sport. KFC Putte was founded in in 1957 and played most of their history in the higher Antwerp provincial levels. The club also had 2 spells at the national 4th level in the 70's and the 90's. From then on the club even reached the lowest provincial level of Belgian football, from which they gained promotion to their current level in 2011.

KFC Putte got 2-0 in front against Borsbeek sport who were reduced to 10 players just before the break. The home team seemed to have more difficulties against 10 visitors in the 2nd half, who made it 2-1 from the spot and which is a good result for the return on Sunday.