Groundhopping in ‘The City of a Hundred Spires’


As I was on holiday in Prague I was lucky that the Czech FA had scheduled 4 games at 1 weekend during my stay. The days hours were well planned and spread out with Dukla Praha - Viktoria Plzen on Friday, Sparta Praag - SFC Opava on Saturday, Viktoria Zizkov - MFK Chrudim on Sunday morning and Bohemians 1905 - 1. FC Slovácko Sunday afternoon.

AC Dukla Praha - Viktoria Plzen

With tickets being sold for only 200 CKR (which is not even € 8,00!), 5039 Spectators showed up for the game on Friday between AC Dukla Praha and last season champions Viktoria Plzen. Dukla Praha opened the score after only 5 minutes but the visitors from Plzen still took the 3 points back home after 3 goals in the last 20 minutes. The ground is quite good with a very big main stand, resulting in a beautiful backdrop over Prague.

Na Julisce is built in 1960 and has been renovated twice yet. The ground can hold 18.800 fans of which 8.150 fit on the main stand.

AC Sparta Praha - SFC Opava

On Saturday evening Sparta Praha met newly promoted SFC Opava for which I ordered my tickets online at 250 CKR (€10,00). The visitors had to make a 350km trip but they still managed to take 1400 fans with them. After a good tifo with from both sides the game started very slowly but in the last 20 minutes Sparta Praha score 2 goals; 2-0.

The Generali Arena is quite a good ground, built in 1917 but has already been renovated several times. Nowadays the ground can hold 20.000 fans and has been hosting several games of the Czech national team.

FK Viktoria Žižkov - MFK Chrudim

"Early birds" Viktoria Zizkov are playing most of their home games on Sunday morning at 10:15. The visitors from Chrudim luckily didn't have to make a very long trip (only 120km). Tickets were only 100 CKR (€ 4,00) and about 1.100 fans showed up. The opening minutes of the game were promising with a 1st goal after only 4 minutes; 1-0 and a converted penalty after 25 minutes; 1-1.

The game became a bit more sloppy and I prefered enjoying the ground over the game, as it's beautifully located between the houses, having a beautiful terrace. Being built in 1952 and followed by several renovations, the ground is really worth visiting.

Bohemians 1905 - 1. FC Slovácko

At Sunday afternoon I got the chance to visit a 4th Prague game in 1 weekend as Bohemians 1905 hosted FC Slovacko. I showed up without a ticket but against all odds I was told that the game was completely sold out. After being a bit more pushy the stewards told me there were maybe a few tickets left in the away stand. When arriving at the away ticketbox, they told me they only had 1 more ticket for sale, which they sold me at 150 CKR (€ 6,00).

The atmosphere at the ground was very good and became even better when the home team got 2-0 in front before the break. The suspense returned with 15 more to go when the visitors made it 2-1 from the spot but Bohemians never got in trouble during the remaining 15 minutes.

Ďolíček Stadium is built in 1930 and has also been renovated several times. The capacity has also been reduced from 13.300 to only 5.000.

Strahov Stadium

The Strahov stadium (1926) is a multifunctional ground which could hold 220.000 fans, being the largest stadium ever built. In the 90's the ground hosted concerts of the Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses and several other artists. Nowadays the ground is being used as a Sparta Prague training centre including 6 standard sized football pitches and 2 futsal pitches.

Next to the Stahov Stadium there is another great ground; The Stadion Evžena Rošického (Pic #8). The stadium has been used by different clubs and the Czech national team since it was opened in 1935. Sadly enough the ground was completely locked.