From Cittadella to Verona (with a little detour).

Last Saturday I flew from Eindhoven to Treviso, which would be the starting point of my 10-day trip through Italy. As the Italian FA started to change the schedule after complaints from Sampdoria and Genoa (as both clubs were unhappy with the Genoa derby being played on Monday), planning the games was all a bit last minute but after all we found 6 games for the first 5 days of our trip.

06-04-2019 AS Cittadella - AS Livorno

After landing in Treviso we headed straight to Cittadella, where the local AS Cittadella was about to host our first game. Tickets were starting at €14 and about 3636 fans show up (30 visitors). The home team managed to beat AS Livorno with 4-0, after scoring 3 goals when the visitors were already reduced to 10 man.

06-04-2019 Tre Penne - Folgore

When the final whistle was blown we left Cittadella for San Marino where Tre Penne were hosting Folgore in the Coppa Titano Semi Final at Campo Sportivo di Acquaviva. The ground is brand new with only 1 side being used for the fans. Luckily there is a little hill next to the ground which gives you a better view. My first game ever in San Marino ended as it started; 0-0.

07-04-2019 ACF Fiorentina - Frosinone Calcio

On Sunday we visited ACF Fiorentina - Frosinone Calcio were tickets were at only €5,00. About 27.000 fans came to the Stadio Artemio Franchi to watch the visitors take the 3 points to Frosinone after a 84th minute winner; 0-1. The ground is absolutely beautiful but the club has plans to built a brand new stadium, which has to be ready by 2021..

07-04-2019 Ravenna FC - Pordenone Calcio SSD

After the game in Florence ended we quickly left as Ravenna FC was meeting Pordenone Calcio in the Serie C. The visitors are in pole position for promotion to the Serie B while Ravenna is almost sure of playing promotion play-offs. Tickets were at €15 and about 1.600 fans showed up. The ground has 1 big stand next to 3 "temporary stands". The game ended at 0-0 after the home team even missed a penalty.

08-04-2019 Bologna FC - Chievo Verona

On Monday we visited San Marino and the castle on top of the Monte Titano. Later on we went to Bologna as FC Bologna hosted Chievo Verona. Chievo only managed 1 win this season and got 9 points deducted, leaving them on the 20th place in the league. Stadio Renato Dall'Ara looks beautiful from the outside but even better on the inside because of the beautiful Maratona Tower. Tickets were bought only and were €12.60. FC Bologna didn't have much trouble beating Chievo after receiving 2 penalty's and a 3rd goal in the last minutes of the game; 3-0. The ground is absolutely worth visiting but will be renewed in the near future.

10-04-2019 NK Domžale - ND Triglav Kranj

On Tuesday we visited Venezia and on Wednesday we went for another country as we visited Ljubljana, which is one of the smalles capitals in Europe. In the evening we went to Domžale as NK Domžale were hosting ND Triglav Kranj. The visitors were outnumbered in the stands but their support was very good but their team let them down as they lost 6-1. Tomorrow we're off to Verona which will give us a little break on our way to Turin, Genoa and Pisa where we will stay during our 2nd Italian weekend.

More pictures:
06-04 AS Cittadella - AS Livorno 4-0
06-04 Tre Penne - Folgore 0-0
07-04 ACF Fiorentina - Frosinone Calcio 0-1
07-04 FC Ravenna - Pordenone Calcio SSD 0-0
08-04 Rimini Calcio: Ground visit
08-04 San Marino Stadio Olimpico di Serravalle: Ground visit
08-04 FC Bologna - Chievo Verona 3-0
09-04 Venezia FC: Ground visit
10-04 NK Domžale - ND Triglav Kranj 6-1