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KFC Putte – KFC Borsbeek Sport 10-05-2018

Date: 10-05-2018 Game: KFC Putte – KFC Borsbeek Sport 2-1 (1-0 HT) Competition: 8th division Promotion Play-Off, Belgium Stadium: Sportcentrum Ixenheuvel, Putte After I saw KFC Katelijne getting relegated

KFC Katelijne – KFC Beekhoek Sport 10-05-2018

Date: 10-05-2018 Game: KFC Katelijne – KFC Beekhoek Sport 2-3 (1-1 HT) Competition: 7th division Relegation Play-Off, Belgium Stadium: Vossevelden, Sint-Katelijne-Waver Attendance: 350 Ticket: / After visiting Leest United’s promotion play-off,

Leest United – KFC Flandria Ravels 10-05-2018

Date: 10-05-2018 Game: Leest United – KFC Flandria Ravels 2-4 (2-2 HT) Competition: 9th division Promotion Play-Off, Belgium Stadium: Gentsesteenweg, Heffen Leest United is founded back in 2004 by

Kortessemse VV – Heidebloem Dilsen VV 09-05-2018

Date: 09-05-2018 Game: Kortessemse VV – Heidebloem Dilsen VV 1-1 (1-1 HT) Competition: 9th division Promotion Play-Off, Belgium Stadium: Kapelstraat, Kortessem Attendance: 250 Ticket: / Kortessemse VV has been founded back

AS Hermallienne – R. Entente Rechaintoise 08-05-2018

Date: 08-05-2018 Game: AS Hermallienne – R. Entente Rechaintoise 1-2 (1-2 HT) Competition: Friendly, Belgium Stadium: Rue Vallée, Hermalle-Sous-Argenteau Attendance: 40 Ticket: / AS Hermallienne was founded back in 1957 and

VK Gestel – VV Heers 02-05-2018

Date: 02-05-2018 Game: VK Gestel – VV Heers 1-4 (0-1 HT) Competition: 8th division Limburg Play-Off, Belgium Stadium: Gestelstraat, Gestel Attendance: 100 Ticket: € 6,00 VK Gestel was founded in

Guest Stories:

VV Goes – SV Meerssen 05/05/2018

Wedstrijd: VV Goes – SV Meerssen Competitie: Hoofdklasse Zondag B Datum: 05-05-2018 Stadion: Sportpark Het Schenge Toeschouwers: +/- 150 Ticket Prijs: € 6,00 Na de wedstrijd van VV Kloetinge reden we

VV Kloetinge – VV Nieuw-Lekkerland 05/05/2018

Wedstrijd: VV Kloetinge – VV Nieuw-Lekkerland Competitie: Eerste Klasse Zaterdag B Datum: 05-05-2018 Stadion: Wesselopark Toeschouwers: +/- 125 Ticket Prijs: € 6,00 Onder een stralende zon vertrokken we in België op

Lost Grounds

Lost Ground: Hesbania Genoelselderen

There are still a few good lost grounds left in Limburg and a while ago I found a smaller one in Genoelselderen, which is a part of Riemst, located between Tongeren and Maastricht.

Lost Ground: Sporting Outgaarden

As I live in Hoegaarden, I almost couldn’t find a more nearby lost ground than Sporting Outgaarden. I even played several times on this ground,