FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to add a guest story to this website, how can I add it?
You can create an account and just start adding your stories.

Can I take pictures from this website to add on my website?
Yes, it’s no problem at all, but please share our URL with your visitors.

How do I add a post?
First of all you need to create an account. When you login you can add a new review which brings you to this screen:wp

  1. You give the review a title.
  2. You write your review here.
  3. You check the category “Guest Stories”.
  4. You can add some tags like the teams and the competition in your review.
  5. Pick 1 picture which will be shown on the homepage of the website.

The best way of adding images to your article is:

  • Add Media (button just under the titlebar).
  • On the left you click on “Create Gallery”. This makes your images look like a gallery, which has a better structure.