Olympia Wijgmaal – KVK Tienen 22-04-2018

Date: 22-04-2018 Game: Olympia Wijgmaal – KVK Tienen 3-0 (0-0 HT) Competition: 4th division, Belgium Stadium: Sportcomplex Ymeria, Wijgmaal Attendance: 400 Ticket: / After a game between the reserves of Roosbeek-Neervelp and Sporting Molenbeek I was off to Wijgmaal, who were hosting KVK Tienen for a good derby. Olympia Wijgmaal saw the light in 1926 and played in the provincial leagues until 1966. From

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RC Hades – KVK Tienen 03-03-2018

Date: 03-03-2018 Game: RC Hades – KVK Tienen 4-1 (1-1 HT) Competition: 4th division, Belgium Stadium: Kiewitstadion, Kiewit (Hasselt) Attendance: 250 Ticket: € 10,00 Today KVK Tienen was off to Hasselt, where Racing Hades was waiting in “het Kiewitstadion”. The hosts didn’t win a single game from their last 4 but KVK Tienen is doing worse without a win over the last 4 (!) months. Racing Hades

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KVV Vosselaar – KVK Tienen 17-12-2017

Date: 17-12-2017Game: KVV Vosselaar – KVK Tienen 1-0 (1-0 HT)Competition: 4th division, BelgiumStadium: Konijnenbergstadion, VosselaarAttendance: 250Ticket: €10,00After last week’s loss against Sporting Hasselt, KVK Tienen was off to KVV Vosselaar for another away game, the first of the second round. In the first round KVK Tienen didn’t have a chance against Vosselaar, who won 0-3. KVV Vosselaar was founded in 1928 and plays their games at

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