RW Walhain – KVK Tienen 13-03-2016

Game: RW Walhain - KVK Tienen 2-1 (2-0 HT)
Competition: Belgian 3th division
Date: 13-03-2016
Stadium: Stade des Boscailles, Walhain
Attendance: +-400
Ticket Price: €10

Support your local! So this weekend I was off to Wallonia Walhain to watch KVK Tienen. When arriving we could see the beautiful stand showing up (which was unexpected, as Walhain is a very very small place). They have a beautiful stand which is not too large, but I prefer this one over huge ones which have more seats than the club will ever have fans.

KVK Tienen started very well and was more dangerous but after 45 minutes it was 2-0 after Walhain got 3 very big chances.

Tienen was much better during the second half and we didn't got the penalty we deserved. After we made it 2-1 we also got a goal disallowed (even the ref probably didn't know why..).

So, another loss, few more games to go. With 2 home games in the next 2 weeks Tienen really has to keep the points home, against Kelmis and Diegem, as both teams also remain included in the relegation battle..