Lost Ground: Gellikerheide – FC Apollo 74 Gellik

Not just a lost ground in Gellik, but even a double lost ground. FC Apollo 74 Gellik was found in 1974 and started with a competitive team in 1976. Within their first 4 seasons, the club already managed to gain promotion twice.

From 1980 until 2000 they were a very decent and stable 2nd provincial team (6th tier). In 2001 Apollo Gellik took the risk of promotion and they stayed for 3 seasons in the 5th tier, followed by a double relegation to the 7th tier in 2006.

In 2012 the club managed to reach the 5th tier again but they only survived 3 more years, until 2015, as the club had a lack of club leaders and staff / volunteers. A real shame, as the club had brand new facilities since 2012, but they were used for only 3 seasons...

Nowadays it's a beautiful and very calm place to visit, very close to recreation park "De Krieckaert".

Lost ground 1

Lost ground 2

Photos 27-12-2016.