KFC Duffel – KVK Tienen 02-04-2017

Date: 02-04-2017
Game: KFC Duffel - KVK Tienen 2-2 (0-0 HT)
Competition: 4th division, Belgium
Stadium: Gemeentelijk Sportcentrum
Attendance: 150
Ticket Price: €11

I completed my 3th league in Belgian national football by visiting KFC Duffel but on the other hand, it was another do or die this afternoon as KVK Tienen are closing in on KSC Grimbergen in the battle for relegation play-offs.

KVK Tienen started very well with a few very good chances but the visitors weren't sharp enough to score a goal and the referee forgot to give a penalty for a clear handball. On the other side our goalkeeper also made a very good save, 0-0 at the break.

In the opening 15 minutes of the 2nd half Duffel managed to score twice by Kevin Van Loock. KVK Tienen wasn't too upset and fought back. Blockx went through on goal and got fouled, Singh scored the penalty with 15 more minutes to go.

KVK Tienen kept on trying and with 85 minutes on the clock Diouck delivered the perfect assist for Blockx who scored the equalizer. Another point for KVK Tienen but as we're closing in on the end of the season it actually seems over. The best we still can reach are the relegation play-offs, if we can leave KSC Grimbergen behind us, which is not a mission impossible.