Ternesse VV Wommelgem – FC Walem 01-05-2017

Date: 01-05-2017
Game: Ternesse VV Wommelgem - FC Walem 3-0 (1-0 HT)
Competition: Antwerp Cup Final, Belgium
Stadium: Sportcomplex De Nachtegaal, Kontich
Attendance: 500
Ticket Price: €10,00

The Antwerp Cup final between Ternesse VV Wommelgem, who recently gained promotion from 6th to 5th division and FC Walem, who also gained promotion from 8th to 7th division, was expected to be a very good game.

FC Walem got a few very good chances in the 1st half and easily could have scored a few goals but at the break Ternesse was 1-0 up after scoring a penalty. Straight after the break it became 2-0 and even 3-0. Walem even still got a penalty, which they also missed... It was that kind of day for them, were everything that could go wrong went wrong.

The game was played at the Sportcomplex De Nachtegaal, which is normally the ground of KFC Kontich. It's a decent ground with a rather new stand a few terraces.