FC Melosport Zonhoven – Bilzerse Waltwilder VV 31-07-2017

Date: 31-07-2017
Game: Melosport Zonhoven - Bilzerse Waltwilder 0-2 (0-2 HT)
Competition: Croky Cup (Belgian Cup), Belgium
Stadium: Terrein Herestraat
Attendance: 150
Ticket Price: €8,00

After visiting KVV Heusden Zolder against KVV Hoeselt B in the afternoon, Melosport Zonhoven hosted Bilzerse Waltwilder at 18:00, with both grounds being only 10km away from each other. Last season I already visited Melo Zonhoven when they were away at Herk-de-Stad.

Melosport Zonhoven FC was founded in 1988 and started in the lowest, 4th provincial league. In their 1st season they became 3th but the 2nd season was more successful as they became champions. From that moment on the club never returned to the lowest tier (1990). 10 Years later the club even ended in 4th position and gained promotion to the highest, 1st provincial league. After 1 season they already relegated and 5 years later another relegation took place (2007). 

In 2011 the club became champions in the 3th provincial league and 2 seasons later they were promoted again to the 1st provincial league, for another single season after they relegated again. After 2 seasons the club took another shot to the 1st provincial league in which they are now active for the 2nd season in a row, for the first time in their history.

In today's game the visitors from Bilzerse Waltwilder VV started furiously and were 0-2 in front after just 4 minutes. From that moment on the game was over. Both sides got a few more chances but Bilzen was already concentrating on the next round while Melosport was incapable of scoring a goal; 0-2.