J. Oleyennes Reunies – Royal Waremmien B 19-09-2017

Date: 19-09-2017
Game: Jeunesses Oleyennes Réunies - Royal Waremmien B 4-5 (1-4 HT)
Competition: Friendly, Belgium
Stadium: Complex Route Nationale, Waremme
Attendance: 14
Ticket: Free

Together with 13 other fans I visited Jeunesses Oleyennes Reunies, a club playing in the Liege 4th provincial league. Apart from their address, there is nothing to be found on the internet about Jeunesses Oleyennes Réunies.. Looking at their "matricule" and comparing it to other clubs, it looks like they were founded somewhere early in the 70's.

In today's friendly against Royal Waremmien B (2nd provincial league), the visitors went up 0-2 very early. The home team managed to pull one back (1-2) but at the break it was already 1-4. A completely different second half and a very young Waremme resulted in the visitors conceding goal after goal.. and a great comeback from Oleyennes; 4-4 with only 10 more minutes. When the "entire crowd" expected them to score another, it were the visitors who took the win back home; 4-5.

Not the best game ever but a good evening out with a lot of goals and a great little stand! 🙂