FC Landen – Eendracht Henis 29-10-2017

Date: 29-10-2017
Game: FC Landen - Eendracht Henis 2-1 (1-0 HT)
Competition: 7th division Limburg, Belgium
Stadium: Sportstadion FC Landen, Landen
Attendance: 80
Ticket: /

FC Landen was founded in 1940 as Landen VC Olympic and has always played in the provincial leagues. The club played at every provincial level, from the lowest to the highest; 2 seasons at the 4th provincial tier (1988-1990), 16 seasons at the 3th provincial tier; 42 seasons at the 2nd provincial tier and 9 seasons at the highest and 1st provincial tier. 

In today's game against Eendracht Henis the 1st half was quite balanced but the chances created by the home team were a bit more dangerous. After 30 minutes the home team got a penalty which resulted in a 1-0 at the break. On the hour mark FC Landen doubled the score; 2-0. Henis got a bit better in the game but had to be careful as Landen could wait for a good counter. With only 5 more minutes to go Streignart made it 2-1 but it was too late for the visitors, resulting in a 1-2 final score.