KVC Houtem-Oplinter – SC Aarschot 18-11-2017

Date: 18-11-2017
Game: KVC Houtem-Oplinter - SC Aarschot 1-3 (1-3 HT)
Competition: 6th division Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Stadium: Complex Bunsbeekstraat, Sint-Margriete-Houtem
Attendance: 300
Ticket: €8,00

From Borussia Mönchengladbach U19 and Wegberg-Beeck I went to Sint-Margriete-Houtem, where the local KVC Houtem-Oplinter hosted SC Aarschot. The hosts play their games at the Bunsbeekstraat while their 2nd team play in Oplinter, where I visited the complex last season.

KVC Houtem-Oplinter was only founded last season as VV Houtem (Vlug en Vrij Houtem) and Arsenal Oplinter merged. VV Houtem was founded in 1965 and played 20 consecutive seasons at the lowest level, until 1985, followed by 5 seasons at the 3th provincial level, until 1990. From that moment on the club always played at the 2 highest provincial levels. Arsenal Oplinter on the other hand was founded in 1941 and played 23 seasons at the lowest 4th provincial level, 32 seasons at the 3th provincial level and 20 seasons at the 2nd provincial level. The highest provincial level was never reached.

In today's games against SC Aarschot the visitors showed up in relatively large numbers and created a good atmosphere throughout the entire game, as always. They also started furiously with a big chance in the opening minute. After 5 minutes they were already 0-1 up after a good combination followed by a tap in. Aarschot also doubled their lead with only 8 minutes on the clock when the famous Kevin Vandenbergh scored a great goal; 0-2. Still the visitors were not happy and they even scored a 3th goal within the opening 20 minutes; 0-3.. what a start! Houtem managed to pull one back 2 minutes later (1-3) but the game was all set and done. The remaning 70 minutes were much worse. The visitors got a few more small chances and they also got a red card. But despite being reduced, Aarschot never got in trouble.