SC Out-Hoegaarden – VC Houtem-Oplinter 28-01-2018

Date: 28-01-2018
Game: SC Out-Hoegaarden - VC Houtem-Oplinter 1-3 (0-2 HT)
Competition: 6th division Fl. Brabant, Belgium
Stadium: Sportcomplex de Struysvogel, Hoegaarden
Attendance: 250
Ticket: € 8,00

I finally took the time to visit my beautiful hometown club, where I actually spent most of my youth. Since 2010, the former KSC Hoegaarden has merged with Sporting Outgaarden, named after a combination of both clubs; SC Out-Hoegaarden. The visitors from VC Houtem-Oplinter also merged last season, making this actually some kind of "merged clubs relegation derby".

KSC Hoegaarden was founded in 1941 and reached the 1st provincial leagues for the first time in 1962 where they spent 4 seasons before going back to the 2nd provincial league. The club got more successful in the 90's, where they got back to the 1st provincial league for 7 seasons. They relegated again but promoted 1 season later. In 1999 the club hit a new high, with a promotion to the national leagues. After 1 season they returned to the provincial leagues, where they even returned to the 3th provincial league. After KSC Hoegaarden became champions in 2010, the club merged with Sporting Outgaarden and SC Out-Hoegaarden started in the 2nd provincial league. Last season they ended in 4th position, which was enough for a promotion to the 1st provincial league.

In today's game against VC Houtem-Oplinter, Hoegaarden started with a few very good chances but none were converted. When the visitors got their first real chance, they instantly made it 0-1. Only a few minutes later they even doubled their lead, which was also the score at the break. After a very doubtful straigh red card for Hoegaarden, the game got even easier for Houtem-Oplinter and key player Winnen made it 0-3. The home team managed to pull one back after a beautiful free kick, resulting in a 1-3 final score.

Let's hope that SC Out-Hoegaarden and their numerous fans, compared to many other clubs, will avoid relegation.